SOLAR ECLIPSE ….Superstitions & beliefs

SOLAR ECLIPSE or Grahan…this occurs when the Sun, Moon and earth are aligned. When a portion of the earth is engulfed in a shadow cast by the moon which partially or fully blocks sunlight, its referred to as Solar Eclipse.

SUPERSTITIONS… conditioning of the mind, through generations has given rise to various superstitions.

LIFE LESSONS…. Should we cook, eat, go out, look at the sky, will it affect pregnancy, will my body become weak, will my eyesight be blurred and so on .

NATURE…. Solar eclipse is an act of nature. Eclipse is on the sun and not on us. We can eat whatever we want, do puja in the puja room, do daily chores, in fact just be normal , not paranoid.

LOCKDOWN … Temple doors are closed. Lockdown for God itself. Is God a weak entity that it can be affected or become impure from the solar eclipse ?

UNIVERSE…. how can an eclipse affect the universe, the creator itself ? Ponder / contemplate.

VISION … Avoid looking directly at the Sun , as harmful rays get emanated , which harms eyesight.

MINDSET…. have a strong mindset. Question age old beliefs.


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Distraction means something that prevents someone from concentrating, taking away attention what you were doing or thinking about. It causes agitation of the mind.

It interferes in our creativity,  our goal achievement, clarity, upscaling on our skillset , upgrading knowledge, our vision in life, in our quest for leadership.

Root Cause for Distractions  :-

Human mind is attracted by worldly objects. Mind gets entangled in exploration and finding pleasures in new objects. It is always craving for new desires and experiences. It traps the mind to explore them, and once fulfilled makes it feel guilty. Guilt trips are very common in the adolescent and growing up years. Hormones are in their peak, the voice of the mind goes unheard.

GOALS:- Everyone has goals, be it in the field of education, business, work place, climbing the corporate ladder, creating a brand identity for Self or Product, Disrupting innovations, Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Relationships, Economy of the nation and in relation to the World.

TIME:-  Why are we not able to achieve ‘OUR GOALS, OUR PASSION, OUR VISION’ ? Years pass, with nothing much of realisation of the dreams we wanted to live, breathe and pass as our legacy.

EMOTIONS:-  Failure in achieving our targets, goals, creates insecurity, a misfit, an introvert, depressive, with sometimes even suicidal tendencies..

GROWTH :- Everyone wants to grow. Its human tendency to gain upmanship. As one climbs the ladder of success, Ego comes as freebies. 



It’s a very powerful tool which has shown great results. Distractions cause mental blocks. Write down all the distractions on paper or notepad. It can be your mobile phone, laptop, social media, dating sites, news updates, sports, technology, latest cars, shopping, designer clothes, brands, relationship issues and many more.

A LIGHT MIND;-  Mind is light as its weight has been transferred to the paper, when you jot down your distractions. Now your ‘READY RECKONER’, is ready.

Prioritise what is necessary and what can be put in the back burner.


There are certain distractions which are dead, have no value, yet occupy mind space. These may be impressions of the past, a road to guilt trip, childhood abuse, cheating, copying in exams, juvenile theft, parental torture etc. 
These should be burnt by doing some specific techniques.

CALL TO ACTION:- Work , study for around 45 minutes to one hour, take few minutes break, satisfy small distractions, get back to work.

Stick them on your walls, your study/work table, tell them to your colleagues, your friends so that it’s a reminder to your mind that it is what you want.

Tell everyone, ‘YOUR IN A HURRY, NOT TO DISTURB YOU’, this way you will realise your goals, your vision.

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BIRTH ….At birth a baby’s mind is transparent. He doesn’t think for himself but is dependent on his mother for everything. He’s like a machine which hasn’t been programmed by the outside world, though the software has been installed by the Creator. He learns a new thing everyday, how to communicate when hungry by crying loudly, how o show delight by squealing and making baby noises. His first step teaches him confidence. Slowly he gets programmed by the outside influences.
Blank paper of the mind is being filled up.

ADULT… The mind is filled with worldly influences. The blank paper full of innocence cannot be seen. Everyone is busy educating themselves, travellling the world, getting into relationships, having families, climbing the ladder of success.
All this comes with a price of insecurity, depression, stress, jealousy,revenge, enmity, temporary happiness and pleasure. Ego of I is heightened and being humble is a thing of the past.

SPIRITUAL EVOLVEMENT…. When worldly pleasures lose their lustre, material desires dulls, an emptiness starts eating inside the recesses. What am I doing with my precious life? Am I wasting it ? What was the Purpose of my Birth ? All this soul searching leads to knowing the Self, the Atma. This ultimately leads us to our connection with the Creator.

BACK TO BASICS…. When reprogramming of the mind takes place age old conditions, impressions lose their existence and our mind once more starts resembling the innocent child like blank paper full of happiness and bliss. Gratitude mode reigns


‘FRIED’…. being immersed wholly. Everyone has been fried some time or the other.

The list is endless.

# Worldly Affairs

# Emotional Turmoil

# Education

# Relationships

# Climbing the Ladder of Success

# Spiritual Evolvement

Being fully immersed gives an edge over that particular domain. Choose carefully in which domain you’d like to leave a Legacy behind.

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Sadness of Regret …

Today I urge everyone to take stock of their life, how their precious time is being frittered away, the hope that death is not for us.

TIME …Write down everything even the most inconsequential duties which takes your time. Make a Time Balance Sheet…Productive and Non Productive Time Management. This will be a real shocker and open your eyes to the hidden grey areas.

BREATH…Our lifespan comes with a finite number of breaths. A peaceful mind consumes less breaths increasing longevity. A stressed mind consumes more breaths shortening life. Be open to change.

HEALTH…A fit body is the temple of a fit mind and the fit mind houses the pure eternal soul. The above emphasises the importance of health.

SMILE …The beautiful emotion which costs nothing but is the currency to attain the most difficult things in life with ease. Use it generously.

ACCEPTANCE….It should be like the river which flows, finding a new route whatever the obstruction. Acceptance reduces stress and this is the magic pill for peace.

GRATITUDE…Always be in gratitude mode as everyone you meet in life has had some karmic connection with your past and have come to neutralise them.

SELF...Discover your Soul, the most precious gift given by creation. Praise the Creator.

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Transparency Mindset…

More the mind becomes condition less, letting go of years of conditioned impressions, replacing old with new ideas, latest trends, age old beliefs, lighter the mind starts feeling as the baggage is becoming less. Bitter relationships, enmity, hatred, ego issues, all dampeners of life are being removed.

The above factors leads to transparency of the mind. Any knew knowledge be it Business Growth, being evolved as a World Leader, be it being just a Normal Happy Person, Spiritual Evolvement everything is more easier to achieve as your belief is stronger than before.

The best state of the mind is to be condition less where the mind is most transparent.This is reflected in the person’s happy glow on the face and harmonious behaviour in every relationship.

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